Supported Living Program聽

The 91av自拍视频, Inc. Supported Living Program helps adults with physical and developmental disabilities live independently in their own homes and apartments, throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Boston and the North Shore.

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MRC Connect at 617-204-3665.聽

Services provided include:

  • Transitional assistance to community living
  • Application assistance for affordable and accessible housing
  • Advocacy
  • Coordination of services and other affairs
  • Assistance with securing necessary technology
  • Coordination for transportation services
  • Social Activities
  • Surrogacy and assistance with hiring and management of PCA鈥檚
  • Assistance with finances, household budgeting
  • Arrangements for medical appointments, therapies, and other personal health
  • Peer mentoring
  • Access to community resources for healthcare, recreational and vocational services


Supported Living Program is committed to the philosophy of consumer empowerment and control. We support each consumer鈥檚 right to make his or her own decisions and support individuals in taking greater control over their own lives.


Case Coordinators:

Following approval from a state agency, a Case Coordinator will meet regularly with each individual to help coordinate services and other affairs. The type of help provided by Case Coordinators is based on the consumer鈥檚 individual needs and wishes. A plan of care is developed including assessments as appropriate.


Supported Living Program:


800-924-7570 #4