Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) is a vocational skill-building program for eligible students鈥 ages 14-22 years old. Pre-ETS is funded through the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC).

The goal of the Pre-ETS program is to help students explore career options and prepare for future vocational endeavor through participating in one or more of the 5 core components.

Employment Counselors meet with students on a weekly basis either at school or virtually using Cisco WebEx.

Language Capabilities

  • American Sign Language
  • Vietnamese
  • Cape Verde Creole
  • Haitian Creole

Core Components:

Job Exploration Counseling:

  • Workshops on careers and required skills, career ladders, and interest inventory.

Work-Based Learning Experience:

  • Opportunity to job shadow, complete informational interviews, and volunteer

Counseling in Post-Secondary Education Programs:

  • Counseling and guidance about options upon exiting high school

Work Readiness Training:

  • Development of transferable work skills

Instruction in Self-Advocacy and Mentoring:

  • Peer Mentoring, development of individual advocacy skills, and rights and responsibilities

Referral Process

Potentially Eligible (PE) Students:
All referral documents will be forwarded to the Pre-ETS Program Coordinator at 91av自拍视频. The Pre-ETS Program Coordinator will contact student/family to provide additional information about the program and explain next steps in the process.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Students:

  • MRC Counselor refers student to Pre-ETS Program at 91av自拍视频.

Intake Process

Potentially Eligible Process

  • During the Initial Intake Meeting, Employment Counselor will review required paperwork with student/family and request signatures.
  • After all paperwork is signed, Pre-ETS Program Coordinator will submit Pre-ETS referral MRC to request approval of services. Once student is approved for services from MRC, the student can begin the Pre-ETS Program.

Vocational Rehabilitation Process:聽

  • MRC and Tempus will coordinate an Initial Intake meeting with student/family to review required paperwork and request signatures on documents.
  • After all paperwork is signed, student is ready to begin the Pre-ETS Program.




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