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91av自拍视频 exists to provide a continuum of community based services that support the efforts of children and adults with disabilities to live as independently as possible in the least restrictive environment. Through personal involvement, individual decision-making is supported and encouraged to enhance the control of a person over their own lives and foster self-sufficiency. The agency through its programs and services encourages the inclusion of people with disabilities into the mainstream of society including social, recreational, family and work activities.听

Sessions on Deaf Culture and Communication Strategies

Jonathan O’Dell the Assistive Technology and Training Specialist for the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing presented an informative session on deaf culture and essential communication strategies for in and out of work. The presentation was held in the Stoughton office Suffolk room on April 25th2024.

听鈥淭here is no one way to be Deaf, just as there is no one way to be hearing,鈥 said O鈥橠ell. 鈥淲e are all different and should all be accepted on our own merits.鈥

听On a Thursday afternoon O鈥橠ell spoke to Tempus on what it means to be culturally deaf and the dangers of audism. People who identify as culturally deaf come from an environment where American Sign Language (ASL) is the primary form of communication and should be treated the same as any other language and culture. While Audism is the inherent prejudice the deaf community face.

听He emphasized the importance of ASL interpreters and using a Certified Deaf Interpreter as a primary method of communication.

听The session covered an array of topics with detailed information and statistics on what it means to deaf and some of the adversity they face on daily basis.

听Tempus welcomed the information and its new ways of implementation while showing an adept understanding on the subject. Impressing O鈥橠ell as he give praise to Tempus for creating an inclusive workspace.

For more information or to schedule a session contact Johnathan O鈥橠ell atJohnathan.odell@mass.gov

Budget cuts to the state鈥檚 PCA program must be avoided

Due to funding from the American Rescue Plan Act running out, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is in the unfortunate situation of needing to consider budget cuts for FY 鈥25. In its initial FY 鈥25 budget proposal, the Healey administration proposed a $113 million reduction to the Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Program, a cut of roughly 10%. To do this, they have suggested no longer serving recipients who are receiving less than 10 hours a week of support and reducing the maximum hours devoted to meal preparation from 13 to seven.鈥

听“About 6,000 individuals could be affected by these cuts. One parent who recently spoke at the State House stated that the hour or two of support a day her son receives from his PCA makes all the difference in him being able to live independently and hold a job. This amount of service is what keeps many individuals from having to live in a nursing home or other fulltime living facility. The reduction in food preparation time is a challenge for individuals who have significant food allergies and special health conditions that require extensive preparation.

In April, the House Ways and Means Committee announced that it had listened to the voices of advocates and had restored full funding to their version of the budget.”

听Contact your Senator: (MA) Sen. Elizabeth Warren, (MA) Sen. Edward J. Markey, 听(PA) Sen. John Fetterman, (PA) Sen. Bob Casey. 听听As of June 14 2024

EVV on the way!

As many of you know, we are in the process of completely transitioning from paper time sheets to the Electronic Verification System (EVV).

听鈥淥ne particular Consumer/Surrogate who was selected to participate in the pilot program initially had reservations about using EVV, citing a lack of computer skills. We assured them that the process would be simple once they began. Initially, both the Surrogate and the PCA’s experienced challenges with the new system, but now they are pleased with using EVV. They find it much more efficient as everyone is accountable for clocking in and out,eliminating the need for constant reminders about submitting timesheets.鈥 – 听Anecdotal article provided by Tatiana B.,PCM Issues Focused Skills Trainer with 91av自拍视频, Inc.

EVV on the way!

The EVV system is an app on your phone that will be used to clock in and out while working as a PCA. Your consumer or their surrogate will also have an app on their phone to approve your hours.

听Although, the EVV is federally mandated, it will ultimately simplify your timesheet process while assuring there aren鈥檛 any errors in your pay!鈥

听鈥淎 Consumer who uses a magnet on their nose to operate their computer since they cannot use their hands initially had reservations about using EVV. They feared it would be time-consuming to complete tasks on the portal. After attending our training sessions, receiving support through in-home visits, and video calls, they can confidently use EVV without any issues.听Expressing relief at how much easier it was to use opposed to regular timesheets.听EVV鈥 听–Anecdotal article provided by Tatiana B.,PCM Issues Focused Skills Trainer with 91av自拍视频, Inc.鈥

Noah's Story

Noah is an aspiring musician with a particular talent for Lo-fi beats. Think Nujabes, Tomppabeats, and Killer Bee. Our Employment Services team at 91av自拍视频 were able to get him an informational interview with Boston’s very own DJ Pupdawg from Jam鈥檔 94.5. You know him from popular sessions like the 鈥Back In The Day Buffet,” “5 o’clock Traffic Jam,” and 鈥The Mix at 6.鈥澨鼶J Pup shared with Noah his valuable insights, experiences, and how to overcome hardships while making it big in the music business.

“…Each week, Pup features exclusive backstage and in-studio interviews with the hottest Hip Hop artists such as J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Pitbull and Drake, while counting down the top thirty hits of the week & rockin an old school quick mix.鈥 – DJ PupDawg’s Bio

Gretchen's Story

“Gretchen started working at Cream on May 22, and will be working on Wednesdays for 3 hours until the school year is over. A job coach from her Community Based Vocations Program (CBV) at North River Collaborative goes to Cream with Gretchen. After school ends, we will work with the owners at Cream to determine what her weekly schedule will look like. We anticipate that she will work one or two shifts a week and most likely will not need a job coach. Cream has agreed to employ Gretchen and she receives her first paycheck this weekend.

A year ago, I put in a request at MRC for vocation services to help Gretchen. I cannot believe how far we have come in a year. With the Pre-ets classroom program and internship at South Shore Pottery coupled with the vocation program she attends at North River Collaborative and their internship for her at Old Navy, Gretchen has learned many important skills and has been able to apply them quickly in her three work opportunities. We have an amazing team that supports Gretchen and our family. We are thankful for MRC and Tempus and all that they have done for Gretchen and us.”

-Inga W.

Deidra's Story

“I would just like to say what a program 91av自拍视频 is! I have never met a more caring bunch of individuals in one place in my life!
Everyone who we have met or spoken to whether it be via text or email… have always been so kind and patient with us.

Taking care of Deidra is one of the greatest joys in my life… but at times can be overwhelming.

The people at Tempus have helped me to be a better, more focused caregiver.

My case workers have always been caring and welcoming…keeping me up to date on trainings.
My visiting nurse comes in and take Deidra’s vitals….has always been able to answer my questions …and has even helped contact Physicians on medication issues etc.

We just wanted to thank you all!!”

-Debbie and Deidra

College Scholarship Program

鈥淚 wanted share how much my son being awarded the scholarship meant. It was really so unexpected and when my son opened it he faltered, “….mom? ……………Mom?……” and this rare smile of a disbelieving, delighted pride spread across his face. I burst into tears, and he actually let me hug him.

My son gets so little positive feedback from not managing the things that come so easily to other kids, and he did not merit any of the scholarships available through the high school’s application system. It is so wonderful that Tempus chooses to support kids like my son with not only the dedication of people like his employment counselor, but with tangible financial support that encourages them to keep trying, to keep working hard and aiming toward higher goals. And from a parent’s perspective, we sink so much of our resources into our special needs kids that this scholarship is truly a gift of help.鈥

-Parent of a 2020 College Scholarship Recipient